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In spring 2020, the University of Southern California’s Keck Medicine of USC launched a comprehensive program called Care for the […more…]

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Sr. Executive Director: Kerri Yoder Hubbard


We are the Keck Medical Center of USC.
We strive to be the trusted leader in quality health care that is personalized, compassionate and innovative.
We stand for empowerment, integrity, respect, collegiality and vitality.
We commit to authenticity.
We commit to excellence in clinical care, teaching and research.
You can count on us to be fully present in the delivery of uncompromising health care.
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We believe in supporting causes that benefit the greater public good. When we learned about the innovative program, Care for the Caregiver at Keck Medicine of USC, that provides critical support to frontline caregivers – physicians, nurses, technicians, and support staff – we knew that helping caregivers lifts the entire L.A. community. We hope our support made a real difference to these healthcare heroes and their families.
Kerri and Chuck Tyler

Help Keck Medicine of USC Provide Care for Caregivers

Keck Medicine of USC’s Care for the Caregiver Program offers comprehensive support for the hundreds of healthcare workers serving on the frontlines of the worst healthcare crisis in the past century. 

From financial and mental health support to innovative employee wellness programs, the program is the first of its kind to recognize the heroic work being done by employees whose high-risk jobs expose them to some of the sickest patients in the nation. 

To learn more about Keck Medicine of USC’s Care for the Caregiver and to donate, please visit