A Shining Example of Helping Under-Resourced Communities Become Self Sufficient

Lightforce One is a shining example of the difference one human being can make when they concentrate a laser-like focus […more…]

Ordinary People Making an Outsized Impact on the World

Determined to make the world a better place, Dave Bauer vowed to give 10% of his net income to people […more…]

Lightforce One

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President: Dave Bauer


To make lasting differences in the world with projects where the work of the donor’s dollar will likely outlive the donor!

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Lightforce One is unique in its focus on clear-cut, achievable goals that can be accomplished by their target communities with the right help – interventions that generate self-sufficiency and create lasting change. Providing a tool that makes it easier to make better bricks? — it sounds simple but it means the community can provide shelter for its people and activities and also create a means of production that scales up to support individuals and the larger group. Making it possible to dig a viable well means that women and girls don’t spend their days traveling across the countryside for water, and that the community can grow food for consumption and for sale. Lightforce One is far-sighted, imaginative, practical, and effective — and I’m a proud supporter.
Susan Painter, Ph.D.
Research Psychologist

Your Donations Help Provide Lasting Solutions for Those in Need

What We Need: $50,000
• To establish and promote AA and NA groups in Uganda and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
• To start a metal fabrication project in Uganda
• To start a pig farm in Uganda
• To train and tool out an appliance repair technician on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Key Supporters

Susan Painter, California
K.C. Ale, California
Oliver Santos, California
Fran Reichenbach, North Carolina