A Shining Example of Helping Under-Resourced Communities Become Self Sufficient

By Giving List Staff   |   November 17, 2023
When we have helped someone who has no means to repay us, we discover the true meaning of life. Each and every one of us has the power to make the world a better place!

Lightforce One is a shining example of the difference one human being can make when they concentrate a laser-like focus on doing that very thing. The name of the organization is perfectly fitting, because its founder, Dave Bauer, is quite simply a focused force bringing light, help, and solutions to underprivileged and underserved people and cultures around the globe. 

Although it initially grew out of Bauer’s own spiritual evolution, Lightforce One has made a significant impact on the most impoverished people in the most under-resourced places. Feeling increasingly disillusioned by organized religion, Bauer one day found himself down the rabbit hole of YouTube, when he stumbled upon a series of videos about poaching in Africa. Seeing the brutality visited upon rhinos and elephants for their ivory and horns, Bauer was so moved that he sprung into action, and contacted an organization that rescued and treated animal victims of failed poaching attempts. 

In charity, you send a bag of beans and say, “Here’s a bag of food.” In philanthropy, you send a bag of beans and say, “Here’s a bag of seeds.”

When Bauer discovered that the perpetrators were actually locals who simply lacked economic opportunity, he set out to help solve that problem. A week later, he was already helping an orphanage in Uganda. “I always find myself fighting for the underdog,” Bauer says. He discovered that he could contribute most by simply helping with basic needs: a well and irrigation system so that the community could grow more food. He sent the director of the orphanage the money to build a well and said, “just send me a picture of the progress.” A week later he had a picture of a 40-foot hole with water in the bottom. “When I saw that picture I knew that I had made a lasting difference in a thousand lives, and the feeling you get from that is completely indescribable.” 

Lightforce One was born out of Bauer’s deep-rooted desire to give people the opportunity to  feel what he had felt, to do “God’s work,”  as he says, without any deference or devotion to a particular religion, denomination, or dogma. 

Once the well was finished, Bauer focused on what else he could do to make that community more self-sufficient. They built a chicken house that continues to raise 400 chickens yearly, who produce eggs and can also be sold for profit to be reinvested in the community. That led to a metal fabrication project that is now underway. When completed, the community will be able to produce their own metal fixtures, which will allow them to build their own houses, as well as sell to communities beyond theirs. Lightforce One has also funded a brick-making machine for the same community, enabling them to make and sell bricks for structures in the community. This has led community members to start their own bricklaying business. 


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Lightforce One is unique in its focus on clear-cut, achievable goals that can be accomplished by their target communities with the right help – interventions that generate self-sufficiency and create lasting change. Providing a tool that makes it easier to make better bricks? — it sounds simple but it means the community can provide shelter for its people and activities and also create a means of production that scales up to support individuals and the larger group. Making it possible to dig a viable well means that women and girls don’t spend their days traveling across the countryside for water, and that the community can grow food for consumption and for sale. Lightforce One is far-sighted, imaginative, practical, and effective — and I’m a proud supporter.
Susan Painter, Ph.D.
Research Psychologist

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What We Need: $50,000
• To establish and promote AA and NA groups in Uganda and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
• To start a metal fabrication project in Uganda
• To start a pig farm in Uganda
• To train and tool out an appliance repair technician on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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