Happy Trails for Kids offers L.A. Foster Kids a Summer Camp All Their Own

For the millions of American kids who get to go year after year, summer camp exists on its own special […more…]

Happy Trails for Kids

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Send Separated Siblings to Camp

The stark disparities foster kids face were clearer than ever in 2020.

“When we arrived at camp, a significant number of our campers self-reported that they hadn’t been in nature since the pandemic started,” says Happy Trails for Kids Executive Director Lindsay Elliott. That’s 16 months stuck indoors, and 16 months without seeing your brother or sister in many cases.

Happy Trails for Kids rents accredited summer camp properties – they don’t have their own campus. The sense of belonging and continuity foster kids get at camp would only deepen with a campus to return to.

Expanding programs for older campers and continuing weekly hangout sessions also promote that much-needed sense of consistency. In a normal – non-COVID – year, one week of camp costs $75,000. Meaning that every $1,500 donation sends a pair of siblings to camp together for one week. 


Happy Trails for Kids is dedicated to bringing camping, connections and confidence into the lives of boys and girls growing up in foster care. Through the great outdoors, overnight summer camp, year-round extracurricular engagements,and our supportive team of counselors, children are transformed by the power of positivity and possibility and are equipped with skills and surrounded by support to live happy and healthy lives.

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Contact: Lindsay Elliott, JD, MSW

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Los Angeles County has the largest foster care population in the nation. Happy Trails for Kids provides thoughtful, unique, and unparalleled programming that creates lifelong bonds between campers, their staff, and the program graduates. Happy Trails not only addresses the need in the moment, but offers long-term support and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead for children in foster care. Actual impact is tangible and feedback from the children and caregivers involved in the program is incredibly positive. From a funder’s point of view, the staff creates communication channels that are individualized, clear, and meaningful. Professional reports coupled with testimonials from program beneficiaries underscore the value and quality that this nonprofit offers to vulnerable children in our community.
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