Nourishing Essential Workers

When Los Angeles experienced its first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, Damián Diaz and Othón Nolasco wasted no time helping […more…]

No Us Without You LA

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Co-Founder: Othón Nolasco


No Us Without You LA(501c3) provides food security for the undocumented immigrants who are the backbone of the hospitality industry in the greater Los Angeles area. These hard-working women and men who have, for years, fulfilled the unforgiving back of house restaurant positions, now find themselves in the vulnerable position of being  unemployed, with little to no government assistance.

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No Us Without You has grown into a true garden raised by generosity and care.

Feeding the Future Generation

Donors to No Us Without You LA can feed a family of four for a week for as little as $33. In addition to store-bought groceries, the nonprofit built an organic garden in the heart of DTLA’s Arts District to provide additional produce for families. Finca Tachibana is an event fundraising space that provides a self-sufficient path for No Us Without You LA.

Donations go toward regular meals for hospitality workers and their families and, during the holidays, for special treats. For the past two holiday seasons, No Us Without You LA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food relief to struggling undocumented food industry employees, has provided turkeys for families and toys for their children. 

“We’re literally taking care of mothers and children,” Othón Nolasco, the organization’s co-founder, says. “That’s how we see it; it’s not even about being undocumented. We’re just trying to show families that this too shall pass.”

Key Supporters

Crafted Kitchen
Diageo PLC
Heinekin USA
Everson Royce
Beam Suntory
Hunter PR
United Way of Los Angeles
Casa Vega
Lush Life Productions
Vesta Food Service
Sysco Los Angeles
Kids of Immigrants
Chefs To End Hunger
Studio UNLTD
Steve Siegrist Design
Topo Chico
Molina Family Foundation