Reimagining High School, Da Vinci RISE Gives Students a Rewarding Future

At first, Donnaysia thought it strange the teachers at Da Vinci RISE High, a charter school in Los Angeles designed […more…]

Da Vinci RISE High School

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Co-Founder & Executive Director: Erin Whalen
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RISE High exists to provide our students an individualized education through the coalescence of their personal and professional goals, their interests, and the academic skills necessary for success in the high-demand, constantly-changing world around them.

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“RISE meets students where they are and not only shows them the path to where they want to go, they accompany them on the journey. Every student deserves access to RISE, but for many, it is their lifeline. As a RISE student commented, ‘Life is like falling out of a plane and RISE is my parachute.’ RISE shows students every day that they have value and purpose. The wraparound services provided are invaluable but must be increased if we are to aid more students. The need is there, the will is there. We just need the resources to meet the demand of students in crisis.”

Lee Angela Reid
Partner, Capitol Advisors Group

Da Vinci RISE High School must fundraise $3,000 per student in order to sustain the wraparound services that allow these youth to access an equitable and empowering education.

Caring relationships, the building of trust, and valuing each student are essential architecture of the structures and practices within the RISE Community. Student voice and empowerment are reflected in multiple ways in the school’s culture, systems, and routines, and teachers integrate social-emotional support with academics. For example, students share their perspectives on school policies and culture with the staff through one-on-one conversations and in surveys. Also, rather than utilize traditional punitive disciplinary practices, RISE utilizes restorative practices designed to solve problems and help students who have broken norms to reflect on their actions.

Key Supporters

Russlynn Ali,
Managing Director of the
Education Fund at Emerson
Collective and CEO and
co-founder of the XQ Institute
Laurene Powell Jobs,
Founder and President of
Emerson Collective
Supervisor Holly Mitchell
Supervisor Janice Hahn
CA State Assemblymember
Isaac Bryan
CA State Assemblymember
Al Muratsuchi
US Congresswoman
Sydney Kamlager
Tom Vander Ark,
CEO of Getting Smart
XQ Super Schools
Emerson Collective
Boeing International
The Ballmer Group
Cotton-On Foundation
The Los Angeles Institute
for Restorative Practices
USC Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Indivisible Arts
Richstone Family Center
New Earth Arts
and Leadership Center
School on Wheels
SpringPoint School Consultants
Kitamba Social Impact Agency
Leslie Heimov, Executive Director
of Children’s Law Center
Jerell Hill, Dean
and Assessment Coordinator
in the School of Education
at Pacific Oaks College
Tamara Y. Craver,
President and Chief Executive
Officer of Reality Changers
A Place Called Home
Capital Advisors
LA County Office of Education