Crop Swap LA Helps Urban Communities Grow Healthy Food

If you drive through South Los Angeles these days, you might come across a seemingly incongruous sight sprouting from the […more…]

Crop Swap LA

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Director of Policy and Development: John Garside


The Crop Swap LA™ mission is to grow food on unused spaces, creating sustainable jobs and local, nutrient-rich food in communities affected most by food insecurity.

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We believe that urban farming plays a vital role in the health and well-being of our environment and all Angelenos. Crop Swap LA is a vibrant and effective example of how urban farming can make a positive impact, and they fulfill their mission with joy that is contagious! The Butterfly Equity Foundation is a proud supporter of Crop Swap LA.
Emily Parker
Executive Director,
Butterfly Equity Foundation

Revolutionizing the Neighborhood Garden

A $10,000 donation buys 100 meals that include 1,200 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to Crop Swap LA community members. What it buys in resource conservation and community spirit is priceless.

Key Supporters

Almuhtada Smith
Mary MacVean
Arman Walker
Butterfly Equity Foundation
California Community Foundation
Clif Family Foundation
United States Department
of Agriculture
Los Angeles Unified
School District
State of California
St. Mark UMC Church
United Way Greater Los Angeles
Eat the Change
Ethos Giving