A Full-Service Approach to Fostering Stability for Children

In the fraught world of child welfare, the 30-year-old Alliance for Children’s Rights has always found a way to discover […more…]

Alliance for Children’s Rights

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A $100,000 Goal

Philanthropy is the lifeblood that makes it possible for the Alliance to provide legal and social services free of charge to children, young adults and families affected by foster care. 

The pandemic, systemic racism, and economic disparities have deeply impacted these families.

To boost its efforts in 2021, the Alliance is seeking $100,000 total in donations from the community so they can provide additional hours of free services to help kids and families emerge from the pandemic.

The funds will expedite the backlog of cases the Alliance is now working through as a result of agency, school and court shutdowns, and make a deep, lasting impact with reforms to make our child welfare system more equitable and just.

(213) 368-6010 ext. 115
Chief Development Officer: Kerri Seibly


Our mission is to protect the rights of children in poverty and those overcoming abuse and neglect by delivering free legal services, supportive programs, and systemic solutions. 

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The Alliance was a blessing to me. There aren’t many people who would go out of their way to be there for you in the middle of the night, and be in your corner when you don’t know what to do. I had never experienced that kind of care before. People think that if you’re in foster care, you’re an outcast. But really, we’re special. We’ve been through a lot, and we come out the other side somehow – we are strong. We know what it means to survive. Every day, we heal and do our best to give back love.

Board of Directors

Dena Cook
Alan J. Epstein

Phillip Rudolph

Trent Copeland

Matthew Babrick
Karey Burke
Manuel Cachán
James P. Clark
Yasmine Delawari Johnson
Scott Edelman
E. Martin Estrada
Alex Fixmer
Susan F. Friedman
Andrew D. Garelick
Clifford W. Gilbert-Lurie*
Leslie Gilbert-Lurie*
Barbara Grushow
Jo Kaplan
Mitchell T. Kaplan
Karen Mack
Steven A. Marenberg*
Gary Newman
Mary Ritti
Alex G. Romain
Rick Rosen*
Bruce Rosenblum
Bradley Ross
Susan Saltz
José F. Sanchez
Toni M. Schulman*
Kris Spazafumo
Silvia Vannini
Chris B. Walther*
Robert J. Woolway

*Former Board Chairs