J3: Now Reaching Twice as Many Struggling Readers

By Giving List Staff   |   November 27, 2023
J3 Foundation is adding their successful afterschool literacy program to the classroom day in order to reach double the amount of kids they served last year - meaning many more lives changed in the most vulnerable communities of Los Angeles.

Exciting changes are happening in J3 Foundation’s Cozy Reading Club. The non-profit is expanding their free literacy program to reach nearly double the number of students they were serving last year. In addition to offering their tried-and-true afterschool reading club, J3 has transitioned into the classroom during the day and is now able to reach even more struggling readers.  

The statistics are alarming: 52% of students in Los Angeles are reading below grade-level. Three out of four students who aren’t reading proficiently by the fourth grade will end up in jail or on welfare. 

J3 works with some of the most vulnerable kids in Los Angeles, all of whom are at risk of falling through the cracks. 

90% of J3’s students come from low-income communities where everyday struggles create huge barriers to basics like security, housing, transportation, and reading. 

J3 is confident that they can be the change these kids deserve.

And with their pivot into the classroom day, J3 is getting that much closer to reaching every kid that needs their help. Across the 16 schools they partner with, the non-profit is positioned to grow from serving 340 to more than 700 students in just this year. 

J3 is on a mission to change the trajectory of as many struggling readers as they can with their results-driven curriculum. 

Developed by child psychologists and educators, J3’s program uses the most effective reading resources, lessons, and tools available. 90% of J3 students complete the program with higher reading scores than when they began. Even more heartwarming, 95% of these students say they now enjoy reading for fun. 

The program works.

J3 friends reading Jim Benton’s Cat Wad Series together at Cozy Reading Club. Students can borrow from J3’s lending library filled with books that are culturally-diverse, promote inclusion, and hook their kids into reading.

As J3 continues to develop their program and incorporate it into the school day, it will become even more effective. Every decision made by J3 is backed by thorough research and this move is no exception.

“Research shows that reading programs implemented during the school day are nearly twice as effective as those occurring outside of the school day,” says Mira Brown, J3’s Program Manager and research analyst.  “This programming pivot not only means more attention and time for each student, but also increased attendance leading to greater effectiveness. We anticipate a higher impact at a much lower cost per student. And with our new curriculum, we can now reach EVERY student that needs our help. We’re able to support students with even greater reading deficits than before.”

Ms. McBride helps kids identify and analyze spelling patterns during a J3 session. Like all J3 instructors, she’s trained in the SIPPS program for accelerated reading intervention to help students catch up and build confidence in their reading skills.

Students now get individualized instruction in small group sessions twice a week during the school day with J3 reading coaches. For one day a week, the kids spend an afternoon afterschool at the Cozy Reading Club where they can borrow from a lending library with more than 5,000 diverse books, practice mindfulness exercises, and even read to therapy dogs. Throughout the school year, the kids have the support of J3 teachers equipped with Restorative Practices training so their kids can feel safe and heard in a supportive community. 

By embedding themselves into the school day, J3 Foundation will create empowered kids who not only CAN read, but who WANT to read.

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Matching Funds — $1,500 Funds a Young Reader

One of the reasons J3 Foundation has been so effective is that it’s stayed laser focused on what it does best: teaching kids to read. The Cozy Reading Club anticipates serving 700+ students this year and J3 hopes to double that number by attracting more private donations. Creating a new reader who will grow up to be a positive contributor to society costs the organization just $1,500 annually.
“I think it’s the best $1,500 we as a society could ever invest,” says Joe Blackstone, J3 Foundation co-founder. “And that number will go down as we get more students.”
Glaser Weil will match every dollar raised, up to $10,000.


To equip 4th grade scholars with the skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need for a lifetime of reading success

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I appreciate J3 for the organization’s commitment to doing everything possible when it comes to reading proficiency. It’s rewarding to see your dollars make an impact immediately. J3 Foundation is so well run that I don’t have to think twice about the actual support that’s being implemented. The rate they’re scaling is just amazing. J3 sees every child’s potential and never gives up on its mission.
– Carron Brown
J3 Advisory Board Member Vice President of Strategy,
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