Spreading the Joy and Power of Books to Kids Who Need It the Most

By Giving List Staff   |   February 15, 2023
61% of families with lower incomes don’t have any books for their children at home. For students who may have never owned a book before, J3’s books are a powerful gift.

Adrian wakes up early while it’s still hushed and dark outside. Perfect. He tucks himself under the covers and flicks on his J3 book light, illuminating the pages of his shiny new book gifted to him from J3’s Cozy Reading Club. Quietly, he dives into the adventures of Cat Kid by Dav Pilkey. 

That same week, Valerie Jauregui, the Program Director at J3 Foundation, receives a call from Adrian’s mother who is very emotional. They don’t often hear from her.

Although they’re on winter break, she wants to tell J3 that she stumbled upon her son reading at five in the morning, and the sight of him reading under the glowing covers took her breath away.

“This is a really good thing, my son is growing and moving forward,” she says.

The mother tells J3 that in that moment, she felt hopeful and safe.

Like Adrian, most students in J3’s Cozy Reading Club are from families with lower incomes, often with stressful home situations.

And like Adrian, they join the club as struggling readers who are falling behind academically. These same kids finish the 30-week program with higher reading scores — and a newfound love of reading.

J3’s Lending Library features award-winning, diverse, and inclusive books.

Fortunately, J3 students have access to over 5,000 books from the Lending Library while enrolled in the program. Every book in this carefully curated, diverse and inclusive collection is selected with intention. From conquering fears with Alvin Ho or asking “why” with Ada Twist, Scientist to leading protests with Brave Girl, there’s something for everyone.

Two of the many requirements in J3’s Book Collection Criteria are that the book provides “a mirror for students to see themselves” and “a window for students to see other experiences different from them.”

The best part? At the end of the program, each student will find six new books in their Cozy Reading Club Kit, a farewell gift from J3. They each receive three chapter books and three picture books to read to their younger siblings, cousins, or neighbors. With these gifts that keep on giving, these kids can start to build their very own home library which is proven to increase academic success and job attainment.

They’ll also leave with a glitter “zen” ball (to practice mindfulness), twinkle lights, a blanket, and a branded book light to create their very own cozy reading space at home.

Gifted with love, J3 hopes that their students will treasure these books and continue their reading journey well beyond their time with J3. 

J3 currently serves 17 schools and nearly 400 students and is trying to expand its reach to help the growing number of students reading below grade level.

Would you like to help kids create their cozy reading space at home? The Book Foundation has graciously partnered with us to provide the six books students get to keep, but we need you. Help us complete our Cozy Reading Club Kits. For $300 per school, you can bring the magic of the Cozy Reading Club into the homes of our students. Join us and be a part of building a future generation of readers today.


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Matching Funds — $1,500 Funds a Young Reader

One of the reasons J3 Foundation has been so effective is that it’s stayed laser focused on what it does best: teaching kids to read. The Cozy Reading Club anticipates serving 700+ students this year and J3 hopes to double that number by attracting more private donations. Creating a new reader who will grow up to be a positive contributor to society costs the organization just $1,500 annually.
“I think it’s the best $1,500 we as a society could ever invest,” says Joe Blackstone, J3 Foundation co-founder. “And that number will go down as we get more students.”
Glaser Weil will match every dollar raised, up to $10,000.


To equip 4th grade scholars with the skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need for a lifetime of reading success

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I appreciate J3 for the organization’s commitment to doing everything possible when it comes to reading proficiency. It’s rewarding to see your dollars make an impact immediately. J3 Foundation is so well run that I don’t have to think twice about the actual support that’s being implemented. The rate they’re scaling is just amazing. J3 sees every child’s potential and never gives up on its mission.
– Carron Brown
J3 Advisory Board Member Vice President of Strategy,
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