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Holocaust Museum LA is Encouraging Upstanders

In recent years, as racism, antisemitism, and bigotry have exploded around the world, the lessons of the Holocaust seem increasingly relevant. European Jews were among the first to experience a playbook of persecution increasingly copied by leaders in the U.S. and elsewhere. This includes a reliance on The Big Lie; the use of new media to divide and conquer; and a view of human history that dehumanizes the Other. Enter the Holocaust Museum LA, America’s oldest museum dedicated to one of the twentieth century’s most horrific genocides. Nestled in Pan Pacific Park between West L.A. and downtown, the now-iconic building [...more...]

Standing up to Bigotry and Hate Facing History and Ourselves

Liz Vogel’s least favorite class while growing up in New Jersey was history. Memorizing facts and dates from the past […more…]