Everyday Heroes in Ukraine Rescue 14,000 Children and Families with Support of Children’s Charity

Evacuees in Ukraine call Kidsave’s team there “Angels of Hope.” What started as a small, rag-tag group of civilians, orphan […more…]

Finding Foster Youth Forever Families

Inspired by their experiences adopting children and visiting Russian and Kazakhstani orphanages in the early 1990s, Randi Thompson and her […more…]


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Help Change Local Foster Children’s Lives Forever

What can you do for a child who has no one? If you are interested in adopting or mentoring a young person in need or simply supporting the program financially, visit Kidsave.org.

Over the next three years, Kidsave will expand in Los Angeles and throughout California, where the need for families for older kids is critical.

To train another county on the program next year and serve 100 kids through Weekend Miracles in L.A., Kidsave needs $150,000 to hire a full-time staff person and execute communications and family recruitment campaigns. The goal is to recruit at least 100 qualified families in Los Angeles to meet the demand for local older kids and teens looking for a family, a support system, someone in their corner.

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Kidsave helps find forever families for older kids in foster care and orphanages so they can thrive in a home filled with love, support and encouragement.

(310) 642-7283
CEO and Co-Founder: Randi Thompson

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The work done by Kidsave to find families for older foster youth is humbling and awe-inspiring. Starting with the most basic human interaction – connection – they are building opportunities that will change the course of lives, as mine was. I was adopted when very young and raised by loving parents. They not only rescued me from an unknown future, they gave me two sisters in whose eyes I have always felt seen, understood, and safe. I can tell you, to adopt a child, at any age, is nothing short of saving a life. I salute Kidsave for its work to literally save kids.
Karey Burke
President of 20th Television and Kidsave supporter

Key Local Supporters

Susannah Blinkoff and Jordan Corngold
Karey Burke and Michael Duggan
Wrenn and Bill Chais
Thomas Donohue and Amy Rochford
John Gogian Family Foundation
Green Foundation
Mark and Alessandra Green
David and Lisa Gulezian
George and Kathryn Hicker
David and Janyce Hoyt Foundation
James and Sandra Kilcourse
Scott and Melissa Klein
Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
Frances and Richard Moreno
Joni Noel
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Jerry and Jennifer Porter
Christopher Reid and Randi Thompson
Michael Roster
Tim and Michelle Somers
Venable Foundation