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J.P. Morgan Private Bank – A Partnership To Be Proud Of

Sage, personal guidance can help realize your goals, afford you the time to enjoy life to the fullest, while passing on a legacy that can endure generations. This journey requires a financial partner with a successful track record and expertise, plus that special commitment to understanding how its client-partners envision the positive mark on their family, community, and globe. Enter J.P. Morgan Private Bank, one of the globe’s leading wealth managers and Global Finance’s Best Private Bank in the World. While the $1.8 trillion in client assets, the 288,400 employees it hires, and the thousands of clients it serves suggest [...more...]

Refining Goals to Maximize Social Impact

Rick Barragan, Los Angeles Market Manager, J.P. Morgan Private Bank For more than three decades, Rick Barragan held leadership positions that spanned J.P. Morgan’s vast investment bank. He helped global companies list their shares in the United States, ran a derivatives trading desk, and put together deals across the sports and entertainment groups. Today, he’s leading a different charge at the financial giant – aggressively expanding J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s presence in greater Los Angeles. Barragan’s clients are high-net-worth individuals and families. And instead of focusing just on maximizing clients’ returns, his job includes advising them on how to maximize [...more...]

Deploying Assets for Impact: Putting Values into Practice

BJ Goergen:Maloney Global Head of the Philanthropy Centre,J.P. Morgan Private Bank In addition to building a global powerhouse armed with specialists in investing, banking, lending, wealth management, and estate planning, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has assembled a world-class team dedicated to helping its Private Bank clients maximize their philanthropic impact. “It is part of the broader financial relationship,” says BJ Goergen Maloney, global head of the Private Bank’s Philanthropy Centre. “We take the philanthropy piece of that journey so clients can put their values into practice.” Journey is an important word for Maloney. J.P. Morgan Private Bank created the Philanthropy [...more...]

Financial Security and Community Support

Ayla Kalani: Westlake Village and Santa Barbara Market Team Lead,J.P. Morgan Private Bank When Ayla Kalani joined J.P. Morgan Private Bank 10 years ago, the bank had high-net-worth clients throughout Southern California but only two offices to serve them. Today, the Private Bank recently expanded its presence to Santa Barbara, and no outpost is growing faster than the one on State Street. As other companies retrenched during the COVID-19 pandemic, J.P. Morgan set up shop in new locations.  “Two years ago, we decided it was the right time to get closer to this community, to really understand what’s keeping people [...more...]

The Behavioral Science Behind Charitable Giving

Jeff Kreisler: Head of Behavioral Science, J.P. Morgan Private BankJamie Hackleman: Family Governance and Senior Philanthropy Advisor, J.P. Morgan Private Bank With 16 people on four continents, the J.P. Morgan Philanthropy Centre team has deep and diverse expertise from the nonprofit world, business, government, and even the field of behavioral science. “My purpose is to help both clients and advisors understand how emotion and psychology impact decision making so that ultimately our clients can make better decisions to reach their goals,” says Jeff Kreisler, the Private Bank’s head of behavioral science, who works on both investment and philanthropy strategies. A [...more...]

A Career of Giving

Deb Langford:Head of Black Wealth Initiatives,J.P. Morgan Private Bank Deb Langford was mindful of the impact of giving long before taking up her role as Head of Black Wealth Initiatives at J.P. Morgan. In her current function, Langford guides affluent members of the Black community in the growth and preservation of their wealth, and in leaving generational legacies. Following a career of driving results, excellence, and inclusion in media and entertainment, Langford pivoted to deliver enterprise-level outcomes in diversity initiatives.  Most recently, Langford was named a 2022 NAACP Changemaker Award honoree. Now that she has made her foray into the [...more...]

Giving With Impact During Times of Crises

Nicholas Smith:Banker for J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Pasadena Each time a new geopolitical crisis unfolds, we see an outpouring of news headlines and posts of solidarity all over social media. Increasing awareness and giving philanthropically to support those suffering is crucial, but many people with the means to give philanthropically often don’t know where to start. It is important to set philanthropic goals and ensure that your donations have a lasting impact as part of your overall wealth management plan.  Identify Your Giving Goals Most people initially think to donate emergency relief items including food, water, clothing, shelter, and emergency [...more...]

Helping Students Make Sense of Dollars and Cents City National Bank

City National has always been about doing business differently, one relationship at a time. The company always places people and […more…]