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How Grassroots Organizations Are Fighting Food Insecurity, One Meal at a Time

Los Angeles is a city of creative dreams and cinematic productions. It’s a place where starry-eyed people flock, and which exports culture-defining stories to the world.  Stories, though, aren’t L.A.’s only export. When it comes to sheer volume and impact, food might be on equal footing. L.A. County is the second-biggest exporter of food in the United States, contributing 6.5 billion pounds to the country’s food system each year, with a crop value of more than $177.5 million. L.A. imports food, too: At seven billion pounds, it’s the third-largest importer in the U.S.  Urban farmer, Ryan, after Sunday Harvest. Yet, [...more...]

Dedicated to Ending Hunger Mazon

A stunning one in 10 households in the United States currently faces hunger. MAZON’s focus is to expose this reality, […more…]