Inspiring Black Male Youth to Build a Bold, New Future

Well before Silicon Valley’s diversity problem routinely made headlines, The Hidden Genius Project began to tap into the talents of […more…]

The Hidden Genius Project

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Founding Executive Director: Brandon Nicholson, Ph.D.


The Hidden Genius Project trains and mentors Black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.

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Since first learning about The Hidden Genius Project’s work, I’ve been impressed not only by their clear ability to impact the lives of young people, but also by how they go about serving students and their families. In a world full of quick fixes and transactional results, The Hidden Genius Project invests in young people over a long period of time. In a field too often focused on what’s missing, The Hidden Genius Project has always been about celebrating the genius that Black male youth possess. I’ve seen firsthand over the years I’ve supported their work that this approach truly leads to transformative change.
Precious J. Stroud
Principal, PJS Consultants and Founder, BlackFemaleProject

Invest in the Brilliance and Leadership Potential of Black Male Youth

That’s how The Hidden Genius Project’s Executive Director Brandon Nicholson describes the organization’s approach to hiring and expansion. The Hidden Genius Project has made a concerted effort to hire the young men who’ve undergone training and mentoring through its programs. Last year, the organization hired two of its alums full time and it annually hires alums in other capacities, Nicholson says. 

The Hidden Genius Project grads facilitate programming that reaches well beyond the organization’s core demographic. Every dollar invested in the organization supports the leadership development of young people, Nicholson says. “We’ve been able to serve over 8,400 people in the last decade through all of our programming,” he adds. “We’re having a greater, lasting effect on our community all the time.”

After initially serving Oakland students, The Hidden Genius Project has since expanded to serve youth in Richmond, Los Angeles, and Detroit. 

Key Supporters

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy
Autodesk Inc.
Bank of America
Cestra Butner Family Foundation
Charlie and Karen Couric Charitable
Comcast NBC Universal
East Bay Community Foundation
Google Inc.
NBA Foundation
Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Sony Playstation
Warriors Community Foundation
WarnerMedia – Blavatnik Family Social
Justice Fund
Workday Foundation