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Sea the Success!

The Emily Shane Foundation’s mission is to empower underserved, disadvantaged middle school students with the resources they need to thrive […more…]

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The Emily Shane Foundation Empowering Underserved Middle School Students

The Emily Shane Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity foundation dedicated to empowering underserved, disadvantaged middle schoolers at risk of […more…]

Empowering Underserved Middle Schoolers to Succeed

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The Emily Shane Foundation

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Matching Funds Challenge

You Can Help ESF Serve More Students. Thanks to generous supporters, for every dollar you donate, a dollar will be matched to fund the SEA Program, up to a total of $65,000*.

Helping our foundation reach this goal will make it possible for us to reach and serve more students, and to operate at maximum effectiveness. Your support will truly allow us to help equalize educational disparity, and make it possible for struggling middle schoolers to attain academic success. Middle school is a key time when help with serious learning deficits and acquiring the skills necessary to be a successful student are critical.

(213) 290-5441
Executive Director: Ellen Shane


Our driving mission is to support local, disadvantaged students with the educational resources they need to thrive in middle school and beyond. We not only offer individualized academic coaching and mentorship, but we work hard to build relationships that are positive and lasting.

Begin to Build a Relationship

We know you care about where your money goes and how it is used. Connect with this organization’s leadership in order to begin to build this important relationship. Your email will be sent directly to this organization’s director of development and/or Executive Director.

As an educator for one of the largest school districts in the nation, I can attest to the vital need for students to have support, such as mentors/tutors, beyond the scope of the classroom (teacher). The Emily Shane Foundation provides necessitous students with the opportunities and resources needed to achieve academic and personal success. This foundation works to close the opportunity gap, a systematic issue, existing within the educational system, existing within my own classroom. This foundation is a vehicle in which I can work on this disparity on a more macro level.

Ms. Sabina Goldstein
ESF Board Member and Educator 

Lifting Students Up Before They Fail

When you donate $1,000, you provide an entire year of support for a struggling or failing middle school student who has no other recourse. Children have access to one-on-one caring, learning and guidance. The Emily Shane Foundation sets children on a positive pathway so they may achieve the academic success that is directly related to reaching their goals and dreams.

Key Supporters

Carolynn and Kevin Cozen
Mr. Jeffrey Edell 
and Mrs. Elaine Hastings Edell
Richard and Lisa Ellis
Karen and Cameron Farrer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrison
Emily Schmidt Goldstein
and Dr. Mitchell Goldstein
Dorothy Lucey
and David Goldstein
Jennifer Michelle Josephine Hardy
and Christopher James Parke
Deborah Zara Kobylt and John Kobylt
Kathy and Laird Landmann
Kendall and Amy Raine
Shamra and Brian Strange
Peggy and Robert Shapiro
Kristin and Curtis Swindal
Steven and Dana Weinberg
Diane and Rob Wilkins