Historic Filipinotown’s Oldest Youth Nonprofit, SIPA, Is an Institution Worth Investing In

Long before Allan Pineda Lindo, better known as Apl.de.Ap, would co-found the Black Eyed Peas with William James Adams, aka […more…]

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Development Director: Hannah Enriquez


SIPA enriches and empowers generations of Pilipino Americans and others by providing health and human services, community economic development, arts and culture, and a place where people of all backgrounds come together to strengthen community.

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Back home where we grew up… they never really taught us, like, in-depth things about our Filipino culture. It was just about the dances – they didn’t really say or give us any story or any information behind it. So, when I would come home from work and I would ask the kids, “How was your day?”, they always had some really cool, positive things to say about [SIPA] on top of things that I didn’t even know

Filipino Summer Program Parent

Let SIPA Be Your Gateway To Giving to Historic Filipinotown

For Apl.de.Ap of Black Eyed Peas fame, investing in SIPA is a straightforward path to supporting Los Angeles’ vibrant and important Filipino community. 

“A donor should care about HiFi because as Filipinos, we have been part of the city and neighborhood’s fabric in the creative capacity,” Apl.de.Ap says. “Donating and investing into this area means we’ll get to remain part of this community and continue creating opportunities for the next wave of work. SIPA has always done a tremendous job in keeping the community engaged, educated, and informed about how when we all work together, anything is possible.” 

• Affordable Housing: SIPA’s newest project HiFi Collective is in partnership with Linc Housing, providing homes to 63 formerly unhoused individuals. Contributions will be directed to serve these residents. 

• Youth Programs: SIPA’s flagship program aims to support and develop the next generation of leaders in Historic Filipinotown. A donation toward Youth Programs will support cultural education, after-school programs, enrichment, and leadership development of youth ages 6-17.

Key Supporters

Murphy Family Foundation
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Weingart Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Bank of America