The Giving List and Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration with Friends at the Microsoft Lounge in Los Angeles

We’re sharing news about our recent in-person event held at the Microsoft Lounge in Los Angeles.  The event was hosted […more…]

On a Mission to ‘Activate’ L.A.’s Charitable Foundations Behind the Tech Needs of Its Black-Led Nonprofits

It didn’t take long for Darrell Booker to impact one of the largest tech corporations in the world: Microsoft.  In […more…]

Microsoft NTA

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Corporate Affairs Specialist
Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black
and African American Communities: Darrell Booker


The NTA for Black and African American Communities program provides nonprofits with technology grants and technical consulting to help increase the impact of their missions.

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Microsoft has been a strategic and visionary partner of Brotherhood Crusade for over a decade. Microsoft has brought in technology innovators through their Microsoft Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Program to help us solve some of our technology challenges that will make our mission driven and highly-intentional trauma informed youth development programs more effective and efficient. The program is showing our staff how to leverage technology platforms that will allow us to share data openly and collaboratively as well as improve on our youth development-based case management process.
Charisse Bremond-Weaver
Executive director of the Brotherhood Crusade