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According to the World Health Organization, significant orthopaedic injuries account for more patient cases worldwide than cancer and HIV-AIDS combined. […more…]

Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children

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Luskin’s Goal is to make sure kids keep chasing theirs.

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I enjoy reading books to children to help exercise their imagination while also providing a ‘healthy distraction’ for what may be a scary time for them.
LuskinOIC Volunteer

Helping Children Grow and Play Well

LuskinOIC is the largest provider of pediatric orthopaedic care on the West Coast. Eighty percent of patients are of color, and 93% are underinsured or uninsured. California is ranked 47th of 50 states in Medicaid reimbursement for children’s healthcare. Donations help offset the lack of insurance reimbursements for underinsured children. 

For patient Efrain, for example, non-reimbursed costs include such things as prosthesis ($25,000); physical therapy visits ($300 per visit); and X-rays ($129 per visit). Every donation goes to help kids like Efrain walk. Funds also allow LuskinOIC to train the next generation of medical personnel and conduct groundbreaking research.

For the past 22 years, Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children has been the sole provider of pediatric orthopaedics for the UCLA Health System, and is ranked among the best pediatric orthopaedic programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.  

Key Supporters

Renee and Meyer Luskin
Valley Orthopaedic Clinic
Ahmanson Foundation
Stella L. Spencer
W. M. Keck Foundation
The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
The Fred L. Hartley Family Foundation
Vice Admiral George Davis and
Jean Carroll Davis
Callie D. McGrath Foundation
Dr. Harry A. McKellop and Tovya Wager
Andrea and Donald Goodman
The League, Caring for Children with
Orthopedic Needs
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
The Fred and Peggy Hartley Family
Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
Ned and Nancy Fox
Charitable Children’s Guild
Ruth L. Sawyer
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Dr. Robert Nichols Family
Exela Technologies
Sharon and Par Chadha
Sarah and Andrej Jonovic