Embodying the Pledge of ‘Never Again’

Jewish World Watch (JWW) envisions a future without genocide and mass atrocities; a world that does not stand idly by […more…]

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Jewish World Watch is an expression of Judaism in action, bringing help and healing to survivors of mass atrocities around the globe and seeking to inspire people of all faiths and cultures to join the ongoing fight against genocide.

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Jewish World Watch has been an incredible partner for Uyghur Americans who are campaigning for their family members back home while suffering ongoing trauma as secondary survivors of a genocide themselves. Uyghur doctors, software engineers and company owners from California to Texas to Virginia are advocating for their relatives disappeared into China’s camps, and JWW makes sure their voices are heard. True to its name, JWW makes the world more accountable through its outsized impact through its Congressional advocacy for bills to end forced-labor imports, calling out corporate complicity, and pushing to make sure that the Beijing 2022 Olympics don’t see the world repeating the disaster of Berlin 1936.
Omer Kanat
Executive Director, Uyghur Human Rights Project

Support Jewish World Watch in Chad and at Home

Jewish World Watch seeks $150,000 to help support more sustainable food-generating gardens for Darfuri refugees in Chad and grow the organization’s presence in the United States. 

The nonprofit would use $50,000 for its Seeds of Survival campaign to plant more than 200 out of 500 new gardens that the campaign is slated to fund. This would feed 3,000 Darfuri refugees, allowing them more independence and to help combat the very real risk of violence. Tens of thousands of additional Darfuri refugees have come into the refugee camps in Chad just over the last year, which testifies to the grave dangers which prevent the Darfuris from returning to their homes in Sudan.

The organization is also seeking $100,000 to help it scale up their education and advocacy presence in the United States in three to five new cities over the next year focusing specifically on college campuses. JWW recognizes that the success of its mission to end genocide and mass atrocities is inextricably bound to the education and galvanization of the next generation.

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