Breaking Free from the Legacy of Trauma through Compassion and Understanding

Echo offers a unique trauma-informed, compassionate lens to better understand ourselves and others. We celebrate the resilience of trauma survivors […more…]


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Help Eradicate Trauma’s Legacy, One Family at a Time

Recovery from trauma takes courage and a lot of support. Please help us in providing knowledge and skills to trauma survivors as well as parents wanting to break generational cycles of abuse. 

With each $100 donation, we can assist one family eradicate the legacy of trauma and ensure the mental health and well-being of generations to come. 


Our mission is to educate families, communities and professionals about trauma and resilience in order to promote survivor empowerment, resolve individual and community-level trauma, and create the safe, stable, nurturing relationships that break the cycle of generational trauma.
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I was determined to find a very good parenting class. It was court ordered, but the county was not helping me find a place. And so I kept looking and looking for a solid parenting class that I could get something out of. I didn’t want to just do it for court. I wanted to actually get something from the parenting class. Most places I called were mainly focused on the child and very un-empathetic to the situation of me being court-involved. I finally found Echo and this was the place that I knew was for me and my family.
Kenia Charles
A mother reunited with her two small children
after completing Echo’s parenting course

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