A New Way of Life – Just That for Formerly Incarcerated Women

Imagine leaving prison with only $200 and a bus ticket. No identification, no social security card, no place to go, […more…]

A New Way of Life

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Our mission is to advance multi-dimensional solutions to the effects of incarceration:

  • We provide housing and support for formerly incarcerated women for successful community reentry, family reunification, and individual healing.
  • We work to restore the civil rights of formerly incarcerated people.
  • We empower, organize and mobilize formerly incarcerated people as advocates for social change and personal transformation.

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A New Way of Life is the icing on my cake; it’s tailor-made to my life. They helped me grow not just as a person but as a woman, and a productive member of society. My children are the driving force of my ambition, through the organization I regained my independence and passion to be a mother. I can now be the mother I always dreamed of wanting to be. I owe this all to the support and tools given to me at A New Way of Life.
LaTanya Reed

A New Way of Life Aims Big: Build a Reentry Campus for Women

After decades of helping women rebuild their lives after incarceration, Susan Burton’s A New Way of Life has expanded its services to the point where it needs to grow its physical footprint. To meet this need, Burton plans to build a reentry campus that will include housing for women and an array of services located on-site. A one-stop shop to benefit formerly incarcerated women and their families. 

To help Burton on her mission, she is asking people to donate whatever they can to kick off the search for a property and to begin development on her reentry campus. 

“We spend $75,000 to incarcerate and punish women but nothing to support their reentry into the community,” Burton says. “This type of program needs to be replicated nationwide because they’re hundreds of thousands of women in prisons who need help.”

Board Members

Whitney Davis-Houston
Barbara Osborn
Laura Hernadez
Regina Jones
Nancy Moreno
Tami Warren
Lynn Nguyen
Gregory Burks
Kevin Holland
Adrianne Kater
Vonya Quarles
Tam Watkins
Deryk Howard
Darryl Green
Felicity Huffman
Marta C. Lopez-Garza
Soloman Rivera