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L.A. Can Impact Invest its Way out of Rampant Homelessness. This is How.

(Editor’s note: This story is being co-published with Impact Alpha.) As a parting challenge to his successor, outgoing Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced in April the settlement of a longstanding lawsuit over homeless housing. Their responses to the homelessness crisis may well determine the winner of next week’s primary election for mayor of the nation’s second-largest city. The frontrunners are Rick Caruso, a successful developer, and U.S. Rep. Karen Bass, who made Joe Biden’s short list for vice president. The legal agreement, if ratified by the City Council and the presiding judge, will compel the city to move 60% of its nearly 29,000 [...more...]

Not Letting Life Circumstances Inhibit his Ambition Not Letting Life Circumstances Inhibit his Ambition

When a Minneapolis policeman killed George Floyd in 2020, William J. Briggs II, like millions of Americans, was appalled. But […more…]