Lyndsey’s Legacy

Long before she got sick, Lyndsey McMorrow believed it was possible for people to be conscious stewards of the earth. […more…]

White Buffalo Land Trust

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Director of Programs and Engagement: Ana Smith


White Buffalo Land Trust practices, promotes, and develops systems of regenerative agriculture for local, regional, and global impact.

We are committed to the evolution of land stewardship and the redesign of our food system to directly address the climate, biodiversity, public health, and food security challenges that we face today.

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I think shifting our relationship with agriculture is one of the strongest levers we can pull to improve the quality of the environment. What White Buffalo Land Trust is doing in Santa Barbara and on the Gaviota Coast is making a huge impact locally, but they are really doing something that can be leveraged across the country and the planet. And that is the kind of investment we want to make with our philanthropy dollars.
Kevin Brine,
Founder, Coyuchi Philanthropy Fund

A Beacon of Regenerative Agriculture

We’ve done some heavy lifting in the past two years – we raised $6 million from philanthropy, conservation funds, and impact investors – and now we steward 1,000 acres of pasture, forest, springs, and scrub that is representative of the land in our region, and Mediterranean regions globally. With your support, we can maximize the impact of this beacon of regenerative agriculture.

Our goal now is to raise $10 million over three years to rapidly expand the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices locally, regionally, and globally. We are catalyzing the transition of our food systems for long-term health and climate stability. 

In this next phase, we are actively raising funds for expanded education and training programs, innovative data collection, monitoring and analysis for verification and replication, and infrastructure for classroom, research, and gathering space. We are doing the work of evolving farming practices, raising the ecological literacy of our community, training current and future farmers and ranchers, and making this the new business as usual.

We invite you to join us!

Key Supporters

McMorrow Family Foundation
Natalie Orfalea Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
Manitou Fund
Coyuchi Philanthropy Fund
Roberto Foundation
WOKA Foundation
GA Fowler Family Foundation
deLaski Family Foundation
Helton Law
Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt, Shreck
JS Bower Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Land Trust for Santa Barbara County
Gaviota Coast Conservancy
Santa Barbara Food Action Network
TomKat Education Foundation
Cienega Capital
CA Dept of Agriculture
US Dept of Agriculture