Supporting LGBTQ Higher Education

When Point Foundation’s founders, longtime friends, got together in 2001, one alarming statistic rang out: Nearly one-third of all lesbian, […more…]

Point Foundation

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Chief Development Officer: Eddie Pelto


Point Foundation empowers promising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.

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Because of Point’s help I have been able to construct and achieve more goals in my life, both personally and professionally.
Felipe Gomez,
Point Flagship Scholar Alum Class of ‘21

Help LGBTQ Students Reach their Dreams

Point Foundation has been helping LGBTQ students achieve their dreams for 20 years. It not only fosters a large and loving community but fortifies students’ success by helping to lift them up so they can lead the way for a better future.

Scholarships range from one-time Opportunity Grants to annually renewing scholarships for students attending four-year undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and professional degree programs. Most recently the foundation has been able to fund 69 scholarships for LGBTQ students identifying as Black, indigenous or a person of color. It offers specific support for an often overlooked and under-resourced group of students – this coming year they will award at least 125 more.

With recent large-scale investments from MacKenzie Scott, Victoria’s Secret, and Wells Fargo, it’s Point Foundation’s hope to continue to expand its scholarship offerings and keep awards at a high level with the help of new donations.

Point Foundation Board of Directors

Peter Lichtenthal, Co-Chair
Jen Wohlner, Co-Chair
Alan Guño, Chair Emeritus
Brian Dent, Co-Vice Chair & Treasurer
Stacy Smithers, Co-Vice Chair
Celina Gerbic, Secretary

Mario Acosta-Velez
Michelle Adams
Matt Barbey
Brittany Ellenberg
Glenn Evans
Nathan Friedman
Jenna Gambaro
Diana Greshtchuk
Ben Harman
Jim Holmes
Kelly Horton
Alexia Korberg
Ben Kozub
Aaron P. Leifer
Sarah Madey
Marnie Merriam
Christopher Nizer
Seth Persily
Jerry Rojas
Jake Rostovsky
Sean Rourke
Eddie Santos
Paul Testa
Anthony Yu