Creating Just Justice Systems

Born and raised in Oakland, California, David Muhammad faced his fair share of challenges, finding himself both in the juvenile […more…]

National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform

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The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR) works to reduce incarceration and violence, improve the outcomes of system-involved youth and adults, and increase the capacity and expertise of the organizations that serve these individuals. NICJR provides technical assistance, consulting, research, organizational development, and advocacy in the fields of juvenile and criminal justice, youth development, and violence prevention. NICJR works with an array of organizations, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic foundations.

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I know I made a mistake, so I’m just happy that I got the opportunity to make it right without havin’ to be locked up. This program helped me find a summer program that I really enjoy.
Jordan B.
14 years old

Funding for Families

The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform’s goal is to reduce incarceration and violence and better the lives of youth and adults who are arrested. 

To do so, the institute seeks $500,000 to help create a community and safety net for youth and their families who partake in the community board program. The money would help them with immediate needs, as many struggle with single-parent households and poverty. 

Following positive feedback from Oakland leaders, the institute is also hoping to expand on its successful community board program. It costs $150,000 to launch and run a new program. NICJR is in talks with representatives of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Fresno, and San Francisco counties to bring similar youth-focused restorative justice programs there. 

Key Supporters

The California Wellness Foundation
The California Endowment
The Zellerbach Family Foundation
Public Welfare Foundation
Peter Graham
Sandra Friesen
Kristen Brown
Stephen Hull
Gordon Baranco
Catherine Nix