Free Pizza Sets Leo on a Path to Success

Leo* heard about free pizza after school. The middle schooler happily got a slice and listened to a pitch about […more…]

Determined to Succeed

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Director of Philanthropy: Diana Monaco


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To provide the opportunity to underserved students to attend and graduate from college with the knowledge, life skills, and tools needed to succeed. Higher education plays a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of poverty – changing not just lives, but also families and even communities.

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DTS demonstrates tremendous results and also brings out the best of humanity in everybody. How can you not want to get involved? I was a low-income and first-generation-to-college student, and the life-changing impact of a program like DTS resonates deeply for me.
Abdiel Garcia
Determined to Succeed Board Member

Are You Determined to Help Students Succeed?

There are two important ways you can support DTS students. The first is with a financial gift:

•$7,500: Provides 12 months of comprehensive services for an underserved student and their family to support college preparation, college completion, and career development.

•$5,000: Supports college access workshops for 100 Hamilton High School students.

•$2,500: Supports DTS college scholarsips to help reduce the burden of exorbitant student loans.

The second way is by offering career guidance through internship opportunities for college students or company site visits for high school students.

Please reach out today to help kids like Leo who are determined, succeed. 

Key Supporters

Elijah and Christine Adams
Peter and Alissa Bartle
Bilanin Family Foundation
Joe Blackstone and Jamie Mohn
California Community Foundation
Graham and Kimi Culp
Jared Cohen
Abdiel and Clara Garcia
Kim and Todd Goldstein
Kyle and Kim Harimoto
Heidi Hendrix and Ken Wimer
Jordana and Mark Jaffe
Bertram and Raquel Lewitt
Sarah and Carlos Montoya
Jamie and Josh Phillips
Jessica and Eric Reid
Weingart Foundation
Zolla Family Foundation