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Children’s Action Coalition

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Co-Founder/CEO: Kristina Brittenham


Every child deserves to grow up in safety, and into opportunity. Community support is crucial for children experiencing adversity to become resilient, and local service providers already do the difficult work of supporting vulnerable children around the globe. They have proven track records of changing the lives of children, and they seek out opportunities to work together in order to better serve their communities. We founded the Children’s Action Coalition to build the infrastructure to support that work around the world.

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The Children’s Action Coalition has been an incredible partner. They have been able to provide an extremely helpful Platform to our Unaccompanied Minors’ Collaborative. Through this Platform, agencies like Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project can be actively connected with other sister organizations, share resources, and support each other. By building and maintaining this bridge for communication, the Coalition is providing a valuable resource to many public interest agencies.
Mercedes Núñez Roldán
Director, Youth Immigration Services, Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project

Support Child Welfare by Building Connections

The Children’s Action Coalition is a nonprofit internet startup without internet startup funding; it has been funded and run thus far by its founders and dedicated volunteers. Funding is needed to sustain the Coalition Platform’s sophisticated technology and create the tech tools its members need. The Coalition also needs people power for outreach to grow its membership and actively support its members, with the goal of tripling the number of organizations represented in the next year. Funding the Coalition means giving a limitless number of nonprofits access to the infrastructure they need to take their work to the next level, together.