Uplifting South L.A. by Turning Its Youth into Stars

The young Black man with the ear-length dreads is wearing a brand new, white sweatshirt with MOREHOUSE emblazoned across his […more…]

Brotherhood Crusade

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President and CEO: Charisse Bremond Weaver


Our mission is to remove and/or help individuals overcome the barriers that deter their pursuit of success in life and facilitate opportunities for a better quality of life by effectuating improved health & wellness, facilitating academic success, promoting personal, social & economic growth, providing access to artistic excellence & cultural awareness, increasing financial literacy and building community agencies & institutions.

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For 22 years, I had the honor to serve as the President and CEO of the Weingart Foundation. During that time, the Foundation supported many outstanding community-based organizations. Under the leadership of Charisse Bremond Weaver, Brotherhood Crusade exemplifies what it means to be an effective, impactful, community-driven nonprofit organization working to address the impacts of social, economic, and racial inequity. For over 53 years, Brotherhood Crusade has provided critically important human and social services to the South Los Angeles community. Most importantly, Brotherhood Crusade has been a steadfast and effective advocate for the underserved and marginalized. For individual and philanthropic organizations who want to invest with impact, Brotherhood Crusade is an excellent choice.
Fred Ali
Immediate Past President and CEO of the Weingart Foundation

Renovations with a Purpose

Brotherhood Crusades President and CEO Charisse Bremond Weaver has a simple and important ask: She is seeking thoughtful donors to provide $250,000 to refurbish one of the nonprofit’s dilapidated buildings into a resplendent youth development center. 

“The young people really need their own space to thrive,” Bremond Weaver says. “This is a great place, it’s a great building. It just needs a lot of love.”

Additionally, Brotherhood Crusade secured scholarship funds for Rufus for his freshman year at Morehouse. If you want to help young men and women like him, you can support scholarships as well.

Key Supporters

Annenberg Foundation
California Community Foundation
Comerica Bank
Conrad Hilton Foundation
Danhakl Family Foundation
Erika Glazier
Ford Motor Company
JP Morgan Chase
Leonard Green & Partners
Liberty Hill Foundation
Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper
Sandra Evers-Manly
Northrop Grumman
The Ballmer Group
The California Endowment
The California Wellness Foundation
The Clippers Foundation
The Dodgers Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
The Weingart Foundation