Search Dog Foundation Named One of the Best Nonprofits to Work For 2024

By Giving List Staff   |   June 7, 2024

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is thrilled to announce it was recently selected as one of the 2024 Best Nonprofits to Work For. The NonProfit Times, the leading national business publication for nonprofit managers, has partnered with Best Companies Group to identify nonprofit organizations where leaders have excelled in creating quality workplaces.

This survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the 50 best employers in the nonprofit industry, benefiting the industry’s economy, workforce, and businesses.

Nonprofits from across the United States entered the two-part survey process to determine the Best Nonprofits to Work For. The first part evaluated each nominated organization’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics and was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. 

The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. This part was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top nonprofits and the final ranking. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process, analyzed the data, and determined the ranking.

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National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

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(888) 4K9-HERO
(805) 646-1015
Executive Director: Rhett Mauck


Our mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by rescuing and recruiting dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters.

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Over the years, the Search Dog Foundation has forged numerous partnerships with canine disaster search teams that proudly serve the Los Angeles area. We deeply appreciate the presence of these remarkable canines in our ranks, standing as a steadfast resource we can rely on when summoned to action by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and California Task Force 2. Our task force holds the distinction of being one of only two in the nation with the capacity to deploy internationally, and the indispensable role played by our search dogs cannot be overstated. In the face of earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, or the daunting challenge of locating missing persons, these exceptionally trained canines form the bedrock of our search missions. Whether the need arises close to home or on foreign soil, these four-legged heroes ensure that our operations are successful. It is of utmost importance to highlight the unwavering support provided by the Search Dog Foundation, which generously supplies these canines as invaluable assets to our department and task force. This unwavering commitment ensures that we are perpetually ready and equipped to serve our community whenever the call for assistance rings out. Together, we stand united, ready to bring aid and hope in times of crisis.
Gregory Short
Battalion Chief,
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Program Manager,
California Task Force 2/USA-2

What We Need: Future Canine Heroes For America

The frequency and strength of recent disasters are stark reminders that they can strike at the heart of any community. In the search for victims, a search dog’s remarkable nose and hard-earned skills mean the difference between days versus minutes, lost versus found, uncertainty versus hope. The National Search Dog Foundation (SDF) works diligently to ensure canine search teams across America can deploy at a moment’s notice when needed, which includes preparing the next generation of canine heroes.

From the day they arrive on campus to the day they are paired with first responders, SDF spends approximately $60,000 to train a search dog over 10 to 12 months. 

SDF is raising $1,020,000 to train the next search dog graduates. Donors at $20,000 and above can become sponsors of a search dog in training, receiving updates on their progress and milestones throughout their career. Sponsor one or even a pack of canine heroes to be Part of the Search!

Key Supporters

George Leis – Board Chair
President and COO,
Montecito Bank & Trust
Richard Butt – Board Vice-Chair
Retired EVP, Executive Creative Director, VMLY&R
Mike J. Diani – Secretary
President, Diani Building Corp.
Christine DeVries
Management Consultant
Robert Harris
Battalion Chief, Los Angeles
County Fire Department
George R. Haynes, Ph.D.
CEO, National Disaster
Search Dog Foundation
Crystal Wyatt
Leadership in Board Governance and Creative & Sustainable