PUENTE Charter Elementary School Selected for the California Community School Partnership Program

By Giving List Staff   |   June 7, 2024
Students at PUENTE Charter engaged in ‘Reading Time’ are enjoying a book together as a group.

We are proud to announce that PUENTE Charter Elementary School has been selected as an implementation grantee in the California Community School Partnership Program. With this grant, PUENTE stands as a beacon of hope, embracing a transformative approach to education. With transformative support of $1 million+ over the next five years, this grant is a testament to our commitment to addressing deep-seated educational disparities that have plagued the PUENTE community and the Boyle Heights neighborhood for generations.

Community Schools Approach

Students at PUENTE Charter enjoy recess and having fun with friends.

Our receipt of the Community Schools Grant heralds a new chapter in our mission to foster positive change within our community. With this grant, we can expand our existing initiatives and implement new programs that directly address the needs of our students, staff, and families. One of the primary goals of PUENTE Charter Elementary is to foster a positive school climate where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed. Through initiatives such as extending school days, health services, and extracurricular activities, we aim to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

By providing comprehensive support services, such as Food Distributions, Vision Screenings and Enriched Learning, all within the school environment, Community Schools aim to mitigate the academic and social impacts that students face outside of the classroom.

PUENTE Charter as a Community School 

Community schools like PUENTE Charter Elementary are more than just institutions of learning; they are community hubs, aiming to uplift students most affected by the inequities present in our educational system. Community schools recognize that a child’s potential cannot be fully realized if they are burdened by the weight of external challenges such as poverty, inadequate healthcare, or lack of access to resources. As a community school, PUENTE Charter Elementary will continue to work on identifying student barriers, collaborate with community partners to leverage resources, and improve the overall well-being of students within the neighborhoods we serve.

Moreover, PUENTE recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between home and school. By actively involving parents and caregivers in the educational process, we strive to create a collaborative partnership that reinforces learning both inside and outside the classroom. The Community Schools Grant provides us with the resources needed to enact meaningful change and break the cycle of educational inequity. By leveraging community partnerships and embracing a ‘whole-child whole-family approach’ to education, we continue to pave the way for brighter futures for our students and our community as a whole. Through the Community Schools Grant, we are not only changing outcomes for individual students but also laying the foundation for a more just and equitable society.


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We are PUENTE: People United to Enrich the Neighborhood Through Education. Building bridges to learning and opportunity in Boyle Heights and beyond.

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My family and I have supported PUENTE Learning Center for many years because we firmly believe in the power of education to improve lives. Everyone should have the tools to succeed, no matter their zip code, income, or ethnic background. It is so impressive that PUENTE has created such a welcoming environment for the Boyle Heights community to access vital resources. Now more than ever, nonprofits must nurture the trust and confidence of their clients, and PUENTE continues to do just that. PUENTE Learning Center is helping to create a better and stronger Los Angeles, and I am so grateful for their high-impact work.
Rich Webster
Co-President and Treasurer of
the Helen and Will Webster Foundation

Put a Young Person on a Path to College With a Gift of $3,000

PUENTE Learning Center’s College and Career Program has an astounding success rate, with 97% of high school seniors in the program enrolling in college. From there, PUENTE follows the students through post-secondary school, helping them leverage their talents for the workforce. 

In order to maintain its efforts in preparing young people on their path to college or the workforce, PUENTE is asking for individual donations to cover program costs including $3,000 scholarships for books, food, access to paid internships, case management, and counselors. The total amount of money needed is $450,000 to fund the program through 2024.

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