J3 Foundation: Reconnecting with the Community

By Giving List Staff   |   July 31, 2023

More than 4,000  Angelenos stroll through Pick Pico’s Street Fair on a sunny spring Sunday. 

After a two-year hiatus, Pick Pico is back and J3 Foundation has joined in the community fun.

Jazz music and Crystal Starr’s soulful voice fill the air as the grounds bustle with local artists, organizations, and restaurants tempting with delicious whiffs of pizza and pastry sweets. There are dogs and cats to adopt, and even a walk-in tent filled with butterflies. 

In a cozy corner under J3’s shady tent, face-painted kids gather on a rug for story time. Volunteers read books from J3’s Cozy Reading Club – the nonprofit’s free literacy program for kids in underserved neighborhoods only a few miles away.

As booth visitors spin the wheel for prizes and the kids dig into the candy bowl, Bobbie Boggs (J3’s Director of Operations) chats with locals about their mission to combat childhood illiteracy. 

52% of fourth graders are reading below grade-level in Los Angeles. Kids from low-income neighborhoods are struggling the most due to educational inequalities, made worse since the pandemic. 

These are the kids that J3 serves, and many locals are asking how they can help. 

The J3 staff tells them that just down the street, Westwood Charter Elementary has partnered with J3 as a “sister school.” Through fundraisers and book drives, students from high-resource schools like WWC help get books into the hands of other kids less fortunate than them. 

That’s the power of uniting the community, and what J3 and Pick Pico are all about. 

Donate or reach out today to J3 Foundation if you belong to a school or organization that can help J3 move the needle on educational inequality. 

Multi-Emmy award-winning journalist and acclaimed local children’s author Naibe Reynoso inspires the crowd with her reading of “Courageous Camilla”.
Acclaimed Local Children’s Author Erika Lewis poses with J3’s Director of Operations, Bobbie Boggs-Miller.
The J3 Team is about to encounter a steady crowd lining up to spin the wheel and read books at their booth!
Program Coordinator Arthur Scott captivates a crowd of pint-sized fairgoers with one of J3’s engaging books.
The booth was hopping with folks interested in how they could get involved in J3’s literacy program.
A child finds a quiet moment to dive into one of J3’s captivating books.
Co-Founders Joe Blackstone and Jamie Mohn stopped by to lend a hand.
We couldn’t have done Pick Pico without their amazing staff! Huge thanks go out to Lisa Waltz, Jae Wu, and the rest of the 2023 Pick Pico Crew!
Both a J3 Aide and Compton parent at Watts Learning Center, James Young is having a blast with our booth visitors.
J3 Foundation’s carefully curated, diverse and engaging book collection drew interest at the fair.
We’re grateful for all of the planning that went into the entire fantastic Pick Pico event!
Family and community come together here! Senior Program Director Stacee Longo’s daughter reads aloud to the engaged children gathered near.
J3’s Director of Operations, Bobbie Boggs-Miller thanks local author, Erika Lewis for her passion and participation in the event.
J3 gave away a beautiful collection of books graciously donated by children’s author and activist Karen Winnick, The pre-release (!!!) of Erika Lewis’ “Kelcie Murphy” series, and Wireless JBL headphones to lucky donors.

J3 Foundation

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Director of Operations: Bobbie Boggs-Miller

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J3 is excited to announce a unique opportunity to double your donation! Glaser Weil has generously offered to match the first $10,000 in recurring donations!


To equip 4th grade scholars with the skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need for a lifetime of reading success

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The J3 Cozy Reading Club teaches critical reading competencies through an evidence-based and culturally-relevant curriculum. It allows our Compton students, regardless of income or background, to receive a high-quality after-school reading intervention program. As the Director of Educational Services and former K-8 school principal, I have seen how the J3 Cozy Reading Club has impacted our students’ academic and social development and continues to do so each year. Most importantly, our students love attending J3 sessions! Thank you, J3 Foundation!
Jennifer Kang-Moon, Ed.D.
J3 Client and Director of Educational Services
K-8 Compton Unified School District

Struggling to Read, J3’s Cozy Reading Club Makes it Fun

“The Cozy Reading Club, J3 Foundation’s premier reading program, is special in how intentional every piece of the two-hour after-school program is,” Stacee Longo, Sr. Program Director of J3 Foundation says. “We take a holistic approach with our students by focusing on reading skills, mindfulness, social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and so much more.”

J3 Foundation is raising $864,000 to expand its Cozy Reading Club to 24 additional schools, double its book collection from 5,000 books to 10,000, and to reach 650 more students of color who are struggling to read. 

A $1,500 donation will add 100 books to the J3 collection for our students to read. A $5,000 donation will support the costs of hiring highly qualified educators from our partner schools. A $12,000 donation can fund an entire trimester for a school in need. And a $36,000 donation will fund an entire year of the Cozy Reading Club for 30 students at one school. 

“The magic of our program is that we provide a safe space where all students get to rediscover the joy and magic of a good book,” says Longo.

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