Giving Back

By Giving List Staff   |   November 18, 2022

We launched The Giving List to help the nonprofit organizations featured in this book spend less time fundraising and more time doing the critical work demanded of them.

 Confronting the myriad and mounting challenges facing Los Angeles, the nation, and the globe requires the ingenuity and dedication exhibited by the nonprofits that fill these pages. We have assembled their stories with the hope that you will see their value and invest in them. 

 A large proportion of the nonprofits we feature are smaller and more grassroots. This means that while they may have the ideas and leadership to forge change, they don’t necessarily have the diversified revenue streams to reach their fullest impact. We are hoping you will change that by donating and helping them secure the predictable, unrestricted revenue they need to focus on what’s most important: the work. With your engagement, we have the chance to invest in organizations with the potential to take on some of our most pressing challenges. 

 Please join us by supporting your local nonprofits on the front lines of justice, whether that be fighting racism; using the arts to change culture; helping children, youth, and families in need; or striving to preserve our  precious environment.

We will all be better for it.

How to DAF?

 An increasingly popular and efficient tool to manage your giving is a donor-advised fund, or DAF. 

A DAF is like a charitable banking account, managed by a community foundation or by some of the world’s largest investment banking firms, where you can make a donation today and direct grants to worthy nonprofits later. 

A key advantage with a DAF is that it allows you, the donor, to take a tax deduction in the year you donate money or complex assets, while not compelling you to distribute the money immediately. This can mean time to make more thoughtful decisions about how you want to direct your charitable contributions. 

Many financial institutions and community foundations have low start-up fees, making it possible for donors at any level to DAF.